Renewable Energy Facts
Sustainable Energy on Earth

I’ll provide some Renewable Energy Facts. There are five main forms of renewable energy: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and bio-fuel. Solar, Hydro, Geothermal and Wind are renewable and clean. Bio-fuel is renewable but burning bio-fuel pollutes the atmosphere and releases carbon di-oxide

Energy Facts

  • US population is 5% of the planet population; the US energy consumption is however 26% of the planet consumption
  • 2 Billion people are not connected to electricity supply
  • On the average, more than 75% of electricity power generation is based on burning fossils, 5% on nuclear power and 20% on renewable energy sources
  • US consumers spend $200 billion annually on energy

Renewable Energy Sources Facts

  • For underdeveloped countries with no electrical grid (generators, transmission lines and distribution lines) the quickest and cheapest way would be distributed power production mostly based on solar electric panels
  • The fastest growing renewable energy source are Wind Turbines.
  • Feed-in tariffs enabled the fast grow of solar energy in Germany
  • Solar thermal (water heating and space heating) is by far more cost effective than solar photovoltaics due to the high price of solar electric panels

Solar Thermal

  • Installing solar powered water heater can eliminate 20-25% of a developed country family electricity bill.
  • The payback period of solar thermal water heater is 3-4 years and the life expectancy is 10-15 years

Residential Photovoltaic

  • Gross price of a solar power system is $7-9 per watt
  • The main impediments to faster growth in residential photovoltaic power systems are price, materials availability (Silicon) and financing
  • Government incentive (tax credits) and utility feed-in tariffs can accelerate the installation of new solar generators for homes
  • An average home photovoltaic system size is 2kW-4kW.
  • Life expectancy of residential solar system is more than 20 years

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