Solar Powered Water Heater
Why go on it?

The Benefits of the Solar Powered Water Heater

An average US home, inhabited by 4 family members, consumes 5,000 KWh annually on heating water. This consumption can cost $50 to $100 in the family's monthly bill. Even if the family heat water using the alternatives, oil-operated or gas-operated water heaters, the cost is comparable.
Solar hot water heaters cost practically zero to operate. The initial investment in a solar water heater can run between $2,000 and $4,000, it depends on the size of system and the type of the water heater system. This is the gross investment, however with the aid of the 30% federal energy tax credit and with the state level and local level tax credits the homeowner pays only a fraction of that money.

California would launch a massive solar water heating incentives program, creating a $250 million fund to provide rebates to homeowners and businesses who invest in solar water heating technologies. Solar utilization is encouraged by the state. California ambition is that by 2010 20% of California’s energy come from renewable resources, and that it will reach gradually the 33% mark by 2020.

Solar Powered Water Heater Return on Investment

With a payback period of less than 4 years, this is probably the best clean energy investment compared to any other investment. The life expectancy of a solar powered water heater heater system is more than 15 years. The system needs a very low maintenance, therefore more than 10 years of free of charge, zero energy cost can be safely assumed. And, energy cost will undoubtedly go up in years to come; just watch the price of gasoline at the pump.

solar water heater reduces Pollution and Carbon Dioxide emission

A conventional hot water heater pollutes and release Carbon Dioxide as much as a family car does. Apparently, electric-operated water heater is “clean”, the utility power plant however is most likely being operated on coal. Coal mining, transportation and burning are polluting and they release carbon dioxide
In contrast, a solar water heater doesn't pollute and doesn't release CO2

A personal note on water heaters

I share my time between Israel and California, weather conditions and sun conditions are similar. In Israel, you see solar water heaters on almost every roof. On my last trip to California, I did not see many. Apparently, from 30 million US households that potentially can install a solar water heater only a mere 2 millions did so. One reason might be local zoning and building codes and the need for permits in certain counties.
Use the window of opportunity when tax credits are still available, and contact a local certified Solar Contractor to visit your site and submit you a proposal

Are Solar Water Heaters available for any climate?

The first thought that cross the mind is that solar water heaters are good only in the Sun Belt states. This is a myth though. Advanced technology called evacuated tubes solar water heaters is specifically designed to work in the cooler regions of the US, Canada and Europe

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