Living Off Grid

Off the grid living

Living off grid became a new trend in developed countries. Modern life became heavily dependent on complex systems. We are connected to electricity lines, water lines and sewer pipes. Most of us are connected to cable TV (or dish TV) and to telephone lines; we subscribe to cell phone services and are connected to the Internet one way or another. Each of these services is supplied by a big organization, a business entity or a public entity. We are also heavily dependent on public transportation systems and on the Freeways system. Most people are dependent on municipal authorities for waste disposal services, water supply and sewage handling services. Needless to say, none of these private and public organization fail to collect the accompanying bill.

The Desire for Going and Living Off Grid

Some of us feel inconvenient with this dependency. The systems are complex and although many safeguards are built into their operation we all remember occasional electricity and other services shutdowns. Reasons can be a momentary overload, a nature disaster, bad weather conditions or strikes. As individuals we are small compared to the service providers. For them we are just a number on the service contract and they follow their rigid rules. We don’t like paying the monthly bills although the bills are fair and are paid for a high quality well regulated service

Many of us are tired of getting on the congested roads to work. So no wonder people cherish the going off grid idea. To live off grid in the fullest meaning of the term is to be autonomous in electricity generation, water supply and storage, sewer handling and waste recycling and disposal. For some however, off the grid living entails strictly autonomous power generation only

If you take into account the need for human social interaction and for a school, a possible solution is to build an off grid community. A group of few hundred people sharing the same values is big enough to support autonomously the group needs and it is not too intimidating to the individual. Building an off grid community is a rewarding challenge and it can restore our self confidence in what we can do for ourselves

The Off grid Home

Many people decide to buy the land, to plan and to build their Off Grid Home or to join a group of off grid dreamers. With hundred of thousands already living off grid, plenty of magazines and articles can be found. Popular subjects are:

Off the grid Living - Power and Energy

For some it means just getting less dependent on electricity and build their own off grid power system, and to choose wisely the optimal off grid appliances and to clamp down unnecessary residential energy waste by using energy conservation tips

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