Portable Solar Power System
is versatile, rugged and powerful

The design of a portable solar power system presents a delicate engineering balance between the different away from home power needs
Versatility - providing DC and AC electricity

Portability - Lightweight and manageable size

Ruggedness - Strong package that can survive demanding conditions

Power Delivery Capability - how much power can the system generate.


It is expected from portable solar power generators to provide power to a variety of portable devices. Nowadays, people take with them while they are away from home notebooks or net-books, smart phones, navigators, radio sets, portable TV sets, cameras, small heaters, small cookers and a plethora of other modern age devices. In many real life situation people need a car battery charger and tools such as an electric drill. Electronic and electrical devices run on DC voltage (12V, 9V, 6V or other) or on standard AC voltage. Many devices are connected to USB ports. Well designed portable power supply is required to provide DC voltages, AC voltage and at least one USB connection to USB dongles, disk on key, smartphones, tablets and alike.


As the name implies, a portable power system needs to be portable. It needs to be packaged into a single container, to have handles, to have a manageable size, to be easy to lift (lightweight) and to fit into the luggage compartment of the car, minivan or SUV.


Ruggedness of the container, the components and the wiring between the components is of utmost importance. The portable solar power generation system will go through many cycles of taking it off the vehicle and putting it back in. It will need to survive harsh environmental conditions, dust, rain, hail, hot and cold temperatures. Ruggedness has an immediate effect on the longevity of the system.

Power Delivery Capability

The power source of the portable solar power system is a small size solar electric panel. In most cases, the portable solar panel provides nominal 12V DC (maximum voltage 17.4V), and its power delivery capability can range from 20 Watts to 180 Watts. The other components might be a battery charge controller, a battery, DC to AC inverter and a car battery charger. Not every system has all the components, it depends on the application of the portable power system. The size of the components fit the power delivery capability of the solar panel. The solar panel is either fold-able on hinges or a thin film flexible fold-able panel.

Typical Applications

Portable solar power generators can be used for different purposes such as:

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Portable solar is a special type of off-grid solar power systems

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