Solar Energy Education
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Solar Energy Education: With the increasing awareness to renewable energy more and more people want to know more about alternative energy such as solar energy and wind energy

The needs are diverse, some want to study and become professionals, some want to study the basics necessary to build their own residential system and many others want to gain some general knowledge

Professional Education

Academic education covers the two aspects of alternative energy. Technology and Economics. Technology is interdisciplinary and covers physics, thermodynamic, electrical and electronic engineering, materials and production processes. In my opinion this is a direction to build a career on. Economics are well covered in Green MBA studies.

Workshops and on line courses

These are intended to provide the necessary know how for anyone who wants to build his own thermal solar system or his own residential power system (DIY solar).
For example, Solar Energy International (SEI) is a USA non-profit organization whose mission is to help others use renewable energy and environmental building technologies through education. SEI teaches individuals from all walks of life how to design, install and maintain renewable energy systems, and how to design and build efficient, sustainable homes.
Another example is AZSC, the Arizona Solar Center linking to lectures, energy fairs, conferences, and on-line.
These are only two out of many resources to lean upon.

Solar Energy Books

Books are the education entry point for any one who wants to get more knowledge on alternative energy. To name some (my favorites):

  • Affordable Passive Solar Homes – James Kachadorian
  • A Paasive Solar House- James Kachadorian
  • Wind Power for Home: Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond – Paul Gipe

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