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In my clean energy interviews page I bring opinion leaders that have special knowledge about one or more subjects that are related to Clean Energy. I like communicating with people that are to some degree an authority in their respective field because I usually learn new things and discover fresh viewpoints about the subject at hand. This is one more way to bring vital data to the readers of this site

I hope you will find those interviews instructive and interesting.
I would love to hear your comments and suggestions

click here for an interview with Paul Gipe a prominent expert on Wind Energy

Clean Energy Invited Articles

This site hosts invited articles on clean energy topics. The articles reflect the authors' view. You are invited to read these articles and to send your comments from the contact me page

An invited paper on solar panels for RV (Recreational Vehicles)

An invited paper on residential solar power generators - convincing the public to make the change

An invited paper on Climate Change issues and the Climategate debate

An invited paper on What is Biodiesel and How Can It Be Used

My Clean Energy Articles

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