Portable Solar Power Generators
Clean and Silent Generators

For anyone who used portable diesel generator the advent of the portable solar power generators era is music to one’s ears. The need for portable generators has existed ever since people wanted to use electronic devices, electronic instruments and electrical tools in remote from the grid areas. The portable solar powered generator is silent and clean and more ready for transportation.

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Advantages of the Portable Solar Powered Generator

Usage of Portable Solar Power

How Portable Solar Powered Generator Works

How to Choose and Size a Portable Solar Powered Generator

Advantages of the Portable Solar Powered Generator

In comparison to portable diesel or gas generators, portable solar power generators are silent. In most cases you’ll find that solar generators are compact and light weight.
You don’t need to carry fuel or gas that might spill or spread odors, and you don’t need to buy fuel. The sun is providing the necessary energy for the smooth operation of the solar generator and the batteries store enough energy for non daylight hours. Portable solar generators are almost maintenance free, contrary to diesel or gas generators that require substantial maintenance efforts.

Usage of Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar powered generators are used pretty much in the same areas as the diesel and gas generators. The main applications are for:

  • Camping

  • Surveillance and scientific expeditions

  • Remote from the grid locations

  • Construction Sites

  • Mobile small office (such as a sales person office)

  • RVs, cabins, boats and yachts

  • Camping, fishing and similar outdoor activity
  • How Portable Solar Powered Generators Work

    Every solar powered generator has a solar electric panel. Position the solar panel to face the sun, it will collect sun radiation and convert it to DC (Direct Current) electrical power. The DC electrical current is stored in a storage battery. A DC to AC inverter converts the DC power to standard AC power (110V, 60HZ in the US). The system provides DC power as well as AC power to electronic devices, a laptop, electric drill and other electric tools and can be used to charge rechargeable batteries. The generator can be used as a backup power generator at home in case of a power outage.

    How to Choose and Size a Portable Solar Powered Generator

    Although all portable solar power generators operate the same, the difference is in the size. The size is measured by the power production capabilities in watts and by the battery size (in A-Hour). Small systems are fitted into portable rugged containers, as the system grows in size it is fitted on a towed cargo trailer. The first step is to see what the usage is and how much DC power and AC power the system needs to provide. A small solar powered generator might provide power to a surveillance camera or a remote metrological system while a very large solar generator can provide electricity to a construction site. The choice can go between the very small 20 Watts systems to the very big 10s of Kilowatts systems and anything in between

    Portable solar power generators are unique examples for off grid solar systems

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