The Solar Power Battery Charger

We all use battery chargers, the solar power battery charger has its peculiar advantages and it is conquering a major portion of the battery chargers market. See what is important to know about solar powered battery chargers.

Basics of Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Using solar power to charge up batteries is a simple proposition. It is convenient, very friendly to the environment and it saves on electrical bills.
How does it really work? The front end of the solar charger is a big enough solar panel exposed to sun radiation, best is to orient the panel facing south or southeast. The solar panel generates a DC voltage. The back-end of the solar charger regulate the voltage that charges up the batteries. The back-end portion is similar to the conventional battery charger. Most battery chargers also has an AC inlet plug to support a conventional battery charging mode. Solar powered battery chargers differ in their power handling (how much charge current they can supply) and in their voltage rating. Many solar battery chargers are made to charge up 12v batteries.

Advantages of Solar Panel Battery Chargers

There are three distinct advantages to using solar battery chargers.

  1. With a solar battery charger you have a portable battery charger handy to use, anywhere you go as long as the place enjoys sun radiation. You are not dependent on AC power availability

  2. When you are at home, you save money that you would otherwise spend on electricity bills
  3. Solar battery chargers do not pollute and they have a zero carbon dioxide foot print

Application Areas for the Solar Power Battery Charger

Solar panel battery chargers are used to charge up small batteries and also to charge up bigger size batteries. The main application areas are:

  • Solar auto battery charger: it is placed it on the dashboard and plugged to the cigarette lighter socket. A small LED indicator signals you that the charger is doing its job

  • Solar battery chargers for RV, usually a bigger size charger that takes advantage of the large roof area available on the RV.

  • Marine solar battery charger, usually a bigger size charger that takes advantage of the large deck area available on boats

  • Travel Solar Battery Chargers: Travel Solar Battery Chargers allow you to continue to keep your electronic devices charged and ready, even when you are on the move or far from conventional energy sources. They can fit AA, AAA, C and D rechargeable batteries, with adaptors to charge up cell phones, notebooks, digital cameras and other devices commonly used by travelers

  • An emerging market is a solar charger to charge up the electric car batteries
  • 12V solar battery chargers

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Solar Battery Chargers for Specialized Applications

Under the title of solar battery chargers there you can find specialized types of solar power battery chargers.

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