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The subject of home energy cost has become very prominent with the increasing prices of fuel and electricity and with the strong interest in global warming and other environmental issues. Something can be done about it.

About this site

This site is about energy saving at home and about residential autonomous clean power generation. It will give you useful home energy saving tips, information on solar water heaters, data on residential solar power generation, home wind power generation and micro-hydro (water turbine) power generation. These are the ways to save on your residential energy bills as well as reducing your home carbon dioxide footprint and protect the environment.

The Benefits of the Solar Energy Home

  • The Sun can generate electricity for your domestic use and you can find yourself in a position to sell surplus electrical power to the utility

  • The Sun heats your domestic water that is used in the bathroom and can warm up your swimming pool during off season (Autumn and Spring).

  • Heating water and generating your own power will dramatically reduce the family expenses on home energy bills

  • The market value of your solar energy home is higher in comparison to similar to non-solar energy homes in your neighborhood .

  • You made a giant step in helping to reduce the emission of CO2.

  • The same benefits hold true for small wind turbines and micro-hydro generators

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heater is a simple system that converts sun radiation into heat. It supplies hot water for your home and for your swimming pool.

click here to see different types of solar hot water heaters

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Painted by Oshrit Mintz

Domestic Solar Power Generation

A residential solar power system converts sun radiation directly into home compatible electrical power using photovoltaic solar electric panels, (The heart of the system) and other components.

Solar Components

Solar components are handy to buy as replacements or if one choose to buy each component for his solar system separately.

Solar Panels: Solar panels for home are the heart of the solar systems and constitute the major cost item

Solar Inverters: pure sine wave inverters convert the DC power generated by the solar panels to home compatible AC power

Solar Battery Chargers: Solar battery chargers are very useful for most homes, for RV travelers and for boaters and yachtsmen

Wind Home Energy

If you home is built on one acre or more site, a home wind turbine is a very cost effective solution, especially if combined with an off grid residential power system

Your land size is not big enough for installing a wind turbine? You and your neighbors can install together a community size wind turbine

Microhydro (water stream) Home Turbines

Homeowners that have water stream on their premises, can harness the water kinetic energy to generate low cost, renewable electricity around the clock. Microhydro power generators proved to be a very cost effective way to generate clean residential electrical power.

Energy Saving Tips

The most cost effective energy is the energy you did not use. Reap the low hanging fruits first. Employing simple low cost and no cost energy saving measures and tips can save you a lot and return your investment fast.

Energy Tax Credits and Loans

Federal and states tax credits , subsidized solar energy loans and utilities' incentives are available in many US states. An interesting possibility is to sign solar lease contracts, similar in concept to car leasing. These generous tax credits, loans and utility incentives can help you to finance the capital investment in solar water heaters, solar power systems and for improving home energy efficiency.

Why dig and drill for fossils?

You can help to protect the environment. Use clean, sustainable energy. Water turbines, wind turbines, solar water heating and residential solar power are economical and clean. Saving and conserving energy can be done while not sacrificing the standard of living. Click to see what are the benefits of solar energy.

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