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About Me

My name is Jacob (Yaacov) Mintz and I've a passion for Solar Energy and energy conservation tips. I was born in what is now Israel and I spent most of my life in Israel. Now, I still live in Israel and I spend a few months every year in Southern California. The picture shows me in Huntington Gardens Pasadena, California on a sunny day (traveling is my favorite).
Yaacov is the way my name is pronounced in Israel, Jacob is the way non-Israeli would call me.

I graduated from the Technion in Haifa, Israel as an Electronic Engineer. Lately I retired from my work in Intel, I’m still offering my services as a consultant and serve on Technical Advisory Boards of start-up companies.

How did I build this site?

I built this site with the aid of the wonderful people at Solo Build It! (SBI). Without the support of SBI I'd never had the opportunity to build the site, work from home and have my own business

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Solar Energy Advantages

My passion for solar energy has its roots deep in my background as an engineer living in a country with a long solar utilization tradition
Most ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun as a Deity. Then, the 3 big monotheistic religions demoted the Sun and it was considered as another creation of the Almighty.
Regardless of what our religion belief is, we know that the Sun is the enabler of life on our planet Earth.
Plants convert sun light and earth minerals into living organisms and animals feed on plants or other animals
Millions of years ago, plants decayed into coal, and small animals decayed into crude oil. Human beings are in a rapid race to deplete those resources.
The accelerated burning of fossils (coal and crude oil) pollutes our planet atmosphere and our water.
Carbon dioxide, a by product of fuel burning goes to the atmosphere and being a greenhouse gas, it is a major cause to global warming

Renewable and Clean Residential Energy

Using renewable energy resources, such as Energy from the Sun, Water Stream Energy and Wind Energy, will provide humanity with unlimited supply of clean energy, not dependent on crude oil imported from politically unstable regions

A good example is Israel where I live. Israel Solar is in the front line of worldwide utilization of sun energy

I want my grandkids to live through the 21st century in a cleaner and safer environment. I’ve the education necessary to deliver the message. This site is my humble contribution to better life on planet Earth.

I predict a bright future for sun energy and my hope is to convince the visitors to my site to consider solar hot water heaters, residential solar power and other clean energy resources as their choice for home energy while carefully saving energy at home. Least but not last, the cheapest energy is the energy you did not waste. Review the most economical investments in my residential energy conservation page

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