Self Generated Electricity
Off Grid Power

Generating Off Grid Power

More families live or plan to live in Off Grid Homes to get away from the urban and suburban areas. Off-grid homes can be found in semi-arid areas, in virgin forest areas and on rural ranches. Homes far from the grid still need electrical power for lighting and for electrical appliances. There are different ways to self generate electricity from renewable resources as will be described bellow

Off grid homes also need autonomous water supply from a nearby stream or from an on site water well. Another necessity is garbage removal (or recycling) and sewer handling.

Different ways to generate electricity from clean energy resources

Connecting a remote home to the grid is expensive and can cost anywhere between $15,000 to $50,000 per mile. With this money, it is feasible to build a small “power plant” based on one of the following methods (or a combination thereof)

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