Solar Energy for Home
Solar Power Generation and Solar Thermal Systems

Physics provide two known ways to apply solar energy for home usage. The first one, converting sun radiation to heat goes back to pre-historic times. The second one, direct conversion of sun light (photons) to electrical power (electrons) is a 20th century development based on the photovoltaic effect. As a curiosity, Albert Einstein won the Noble price not for his relativity theory but for the explanation he gave to the photovoltaic effect

Solar Water Heating and Solar Air Heating

All solar air heating and solar water heating systems utilize the very mature greenhouse effect

The three major ways to use sun radiation to heat up water or air are as follows:

Residential Power Generation

As a newer technology, this technology is still relatively expensive in comparison to the solar thermal systems mentioned above. We see however a continuous price reduction trend. The trend is enabled by improved production facilities, higher production volume, a more competitive economical environment and using cheaper raw materials. A dramatic drop in the cost of solar (photovoltaic) panels occurred during the years 2010 to 2012. It is possible to find solar panels at $1 to $2 per watt.

For off-grid homes (not connected to the utility grid), off grid solar systems are cleaner and quieter than the traditional diesel generators. If possible use an hybrid wind solar system. Solar electric and wind turbines are complementary technologies and the two systems can share resources. The off grid deep cycle batteries can be shared between the two systems, a substantial saving in recurring as well as non-recurring investment.

For grid connected homes, solar power generators have the advantages of reduced carbon dioxide footprint and guaranteeing fix price for electricity for the entire 20 years life span expectancy of the solar system. With the energy tax credits and incentives or other subsidy models (e.g. in Europe) the payback time ranges between 6 to 10 years

Passive Solar Energy

Applying passive solar energy for homes concepts is a very cost effective way to harness the sun. You can use the sun for a better natural lighting inside your. You can keep your home at a more pleasant temperature by having larger windows facing south, east and west

Solar Energy for Home systems demonstrate the advantages of solar energy to the homeowner. Solar energy in your home is a viable possibility to consider

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