Home Wind Energy Generation
Homeowner Checklist

Home Wind Energy Generation Systems take advantage of winds

Wind is a natural resource worth considering as a possible clean energy source for home power generation. A small wind turbine is much smaller than the gigantic wind farm turbines but it can provide the electricity needs of an average home.

The homeowner checklist

Before you dive into a deeper research, look into the basics:

  • A small wind power turbine needs an average wind velocity of 9 mph (15 kmph); are the wind conditions in your neighborhood suitable? You do not need to measure, you can find wind maps on the AEWA site, you can ask your neighbors and you can consult a local clean energy contractor
  • Is your land one acre (4,000 square meters) or more? (you need this land size because the tall wind turbine tower is to be installed remote from buildings)
  • Will your neighbors agree to your plans?
  • Are the local building codes allowing the installation of a home wind turbine on the property?
  • If these conditions are fulfilled , proceed and ask yourself whether the new home wind turbine will be connected to the grid or will it be a stand-alone off grid wind energy system.

    The implications are on:

    1. The size of the system
    2. Whether or not you need electrical storage batteries
    3. The inverter type you need to buy; the off grid inverter is not the same as the grid connected inverter

    Hybrid Solar Wind System

    Solar (sun) radiation is seasonal and is available only during daylight. Wind is also seasonal and is not restricted to daylight. Home wind energy generation is in a synergism with residential solar power. Combining both to supply the residential power needs is a very sensible decision. Investment in wind power (measured in $ per 1 Watt production capability) is a fraction of the required investment in the residential photovoltaic system. The two can share components such as batteries, net metering, a control panel etc.

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