Solar Gadgets & Toys

Most solar gadgets are electric powered legacy gadgets with the addition of a small solar panel and usually also a rechargeable battery

Overview of Solar Gadgets

Encarta World Dictionary defines a gadget as:

  1. An ingenious device: a small device that performs or aids a simple task
  2. A trivial device: a small object or device that appears useful but is often unnecessary or superfluous

Solar ECO friendly gadgets

Solar ECO friendly gadgets therefore are small devices that gets their energy from the sun; they are usually relatively lower cost devices.
The two definitions agree that we are talking about a small device; They disagree about the usefulness though…
What might be necessary and useful for one, might be unnecessary and not useful for another.
I leave it to the viewer to judge, I limit myself to showing what gadgets are commercially offered.

One point to consider - any kid who had the opportunity to play with a solar toy or to use a small ECO friendly gadget, will have better chances to grow up as a conscious citizen that supports the quest for cleaner energy

A List of the most popular Sun powered gadgets

The following are the most popular commercially available gadgets:

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