Solar Exterior Home Lighting
a Good Starting Point

Exterior Home Lighting

A big chunk of the home energy bill goes toward lighting. The way to save on indoors lighting is to use compact fluorescent bulbs. What about outdoors lighting? The cost on outdoor lighting is not negligible. Let's see where the exterior lighting of a typical sub-urban home are. You will find them in these areas:

  • Adding a romance flavor for your garden
  • Lighting the garden fountain or the garden waterfall (a companion to the solar fountain)
  • To light up a gazebo and the pool side
  • To light up the patio
  • Any other lighting idea you have for the yard and the garden

The way to save?

Simply go solar. The expenditure is low and the decision is pretty easy, an easy entry step into the world of home solar. You can find all-in-one photovoltaic lighting kits ready to use. The kit includes the lighting source, a small solar panel and a small battery that stores electricity during day light to be used over night.

Your benefits

  • Solar lighting shrinks your electricity bill
  • You don't need to run electrical wires to sensitive (wet) areas near the pool or near wet grass
  • You can spread more lights the way you always wanted

Not ready yet for solar lighting? There are many outdoor lighting ideas that might fit better your style and that might be more stylish.

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