Garden Water Pump

The solar garden water pump is a water pump used in the garden. Rather than being connected to an AC outlet, the solar garden pump is connected to a small solar panel as an energy source

What is a water garden pump?

Water obeys gravity and naturally flows from higher altitude to a lower one. If you want water to flow from a lower position to a higher position you need to invest energy and the device that performs the trick is called a pump. Pumps come in different types, shapes and sizes, for garden applications the size is fairly small. In the garden it is common to have a close loop water flow. The 4 typical situations are:

  • Water fall
  • Solar water fountain
  • A garden aquarium
  • A fish pool
For the last three, the water are oxygenized (air bubbles are created and enrich the water)
Usually adjacent to these garden features one finds also decorative garden lighting

Why solar?

Even though the pump is small and its energy consumption is modest, it is used on a daily basis for long hours. The impact comes when the utility bill knocks on the door by the end of the month. The solution?
Add a small, low cost solar panel to supply electric power to the pump
For less than $100 you can get a complete solar garden kit that includes a pump, an interconnecting electric cable and the small solar panel. For night operation you will need to add a small storage battery and a charge controller. Be creative and conceal the solar panel and the battery "behind stage"

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