The Solar Battery Charger
Where can it be used?


The Small Solar Battery Charger

This page sheds light on portable relatively small solar battery power chargers. If you search batteries for your off-grid solar or wind power plant, view my other page on offgrid deep cycle batteries.
Small solar power battery chargers are used mostly by people on the move, the main motivation to use them is convenience and independence on availability of electricity outlet.

How is the small solar charger constructed?

The main part of the small solar battery power charger is a small solar electric panel. Like every other solar electric panel it can generate a DC power if it is connected to an electric load. The DC voltage is adapted to the load (12V, 6V, 1.5V, etc.).The charger is connected to the solar panel and like any charger provides a suitable connector to connect the device to be recharged. Ingenuity is invested to make the solar charger easy to use and easy to carry around.

The most common applications

  • Laptop chargers, some versions are fitted to the laptop carrying case
  • PDA, iPod, mobile phone charger
  • AA or AAA battery size chargers for rechargeable batteries (to fit 1, 2, 4 or even 8 batteries)
  • 12V charger for car, RV, etc. to supply relatively small appliances on the move

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