Decorative Led Garden Lights

Decorative led garden lights can be a perfect match for your garden, you can find an endless variety of shapes and colors. Combined with solar panels and small storage deep cycle batteries they can work without the need to be connected to the house electric supply through an AC plug. For one time event you can connect each LED to a small lithium coin cells and spread the lights around the garden and backyard. Make sure to dispose the lithium coin cells in a proper recycling center after you have done

What is a LED?

A LED bulb, also called a Light Emitting Diode source, emits light when an electric current passes through it. It converts electric current (electrons) to light particles called photons. This is in reverse to what a solar cell does. The solar cell converts the Sun radiation (photons) to a stream of electrons, or electric current. The principle of LED bulbs was known for many years, but only recently the technology has become matured enough to provide efficient and significant light at affordable prices.

Other Outdoor Lighting Options

There are situations where other outdoor lighting options might be more desirable or more fashionable. You may want to view other exciting outdoor lighting for you garden and your patio.

How much light does a LED emit?

In proportion to their tiny size and the electrical power they consume, LED illumination is much better than the illumination provided by the incandescent bulb that consume the same amount of electric power. They use very little electrical power and as a result they heat up less than the incandescent bulbs. A LED uses about 10-15% of the power of an incandescent bulb. More than that, a LED will last thousands of hours; those produced by top manufacturers has a proven life span of 50,000 hours, compared to a small incandescent bulb that will only survive a few hundred hours.

LED and Solar

LED work on a DC supply while a solar electric panel produce DC power. Therefore they can perfectly match each other. The elimination of AC power is a very desired feature for outdoor lighting and for decorative LED garden lighting

LED garden lights are beautiful companions to LED swimming pool lights. LED lighting bulbs are an excellent outdoor lighting solution and fit most outdoor lighting applications.

A small size solar kit consisting of a small solar panel and a small battery can be purchased at affordable prices

Advantages of LED garden lights

There are many advantages to using top of the line LED lights for garden applications especially if the power source is a small solar panel.

  • Solar operated LED lights can work autonomously, they are not connected to the main home power supply

  • LED lighting consume low energy

  • LED lighting is cheaper than lighting with incandescent lights and if solar panels are employed the cost is practically zero

  • LED lights can exhibit longer life than incandescent lights, LED lights can reach 30,000 hours of operation

  • LED lighting is charming and many decorative ideas can be realized easily

  • There are many ways to install LED lights

LED lighting is a perfect match to solar powered water fountains and solar water falls.

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