The Solar Water Distiller
Advantages vs. Disadvantages

The solar water distiller is a relatively new comer. it rivals the electric water distiller, competing on the residential water distillers market. I’ll review the advantages and the disadvantages of solar distillers in comparison to electric distillers

Advantages of Solar Distillers

A typical size solar distiller (e.g. Rainmaker) can produce 1.5 gallons (six liters) per day during the summer, dropping to 3 liters in the winter season. It should be out in the sun, it takes 10 square feet (0.9 square meters) and it weighs 69 lbs (31kg). The advantages are:

  • Free of charge sun energy (during sunlight it eliminates 500 Watt electric consumption per one hour of sunlight)
  • There are no moving parts; it is therefore reliable and almost maintenance free (cleaning is required though)
  • Water taste is claimed to be better since the device act as a Solar Water Vaporizer and it doesn’t boil the water (resembling rain water)
  • Neutral pH is claimed (like rainwater), not like the not neutral pH of steamed distilled water

Claimed Disadvantages

The following arguments are claimed, mostly by the people who sell the electric distillers that steam the water:

  • Solar distillers don’t kill bacteria and they don’t break down harmful chemicals because they don’t boil the water
  • The large area tilted glass cover might be an attraction to bugs and insects
  • Low production capacity, not enough for the drinking water needs of the average family
  • I tried to present the opposing claims and I leave it to you the reader to decide whether solar water distiller will be your next solar gadget. You may want to invest some more money and enjoy solar hot water. For more detailed description, view my solar water purifier page

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