Solar Israel
Present and Future

Solar Israel Background: Israel is well positioned for the era of clean energy, solar energy in particular. The Israel high tech industry is innovative, dynamic and dedicated. Being a Mediterranean country sun radiation is abundant, especially in the Negev, a desert like region in the southern part of the country. Israel is dependent on imported fossils and is motivated to relieve its energy infrastructure from this dependency.

Solar Israel Domestic Market

Solar Hot Water Heaters started in the 50s, and as of the 70s every new building is required to be equipped with a solar energy water heater.

Residential photovoltaic started relatively late in 2007. The push for that niche is the electricity buying back policy of the local utility, paying roughly 4 times more for power it buys compared to power it sells to residential users. It is assumed that the pay-back period on the capital investment is 8 years; after that the home owner has another 7 to 12 years of free electricity. As of February 15th 2009, the plan was extended until 2014 for smaller than 4 Kw residential plants and for smaller than 50 kW plants on business buildings in the "national preference zones". Up to 50 MW plants can be constructed on schools and public sector buildings. The target is to reach production capacity of of 550 MW by 2014, based on photovoltaic panels.

Community Scale Photovoltaic

First installations of community size power plants were reported as of late 2008 and during the first half of 2009.

One example is the brand new hybrid solar thermal gas-turbine power station in Kibbutz Samar in Israel’s Arava region. The plant has 100-kilowatt electricity capacity and 170-kilowatt heat capacity (see picture bellow).


Earlier this year (2009) Kibbutz Yavne commissioned it community solar power plant

The kibutz, like other cooperative communities in Israel, has an advantage in deciding on and fast implementing community size microgrid projects

Solar Israel International Activity

Solel Inc., a subsidiary of Solel Israel is developing the 553 MW Mojave Solar Park 1 (MSP-1), the world's largest solar thermal power plant, in California's Mojave Desert. In July 2007, Solel Inc. concluded a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to provide it with electricity from MSP-1. In October 2009, Siemens acquired a majority share in Solel

Chromagen, a leading supplier of solar thermal water heaters exports through its distribution channels to most regions on the planet

Utility Scale Photovoltaic

The Hebrew proverb says: “No one is a prophet in his own town”. Nevertheless, there are good indications that Solel will build a utility size solar plant in the Negev, the southern part desert of Israel, similar in climate to the Mojave Desert

Israel Travel and Tours

Israel is not only about high tech and clean energy. It is a fascinating country. It offers scenery, beaches, history, archeology and places with deep religious significance. If you want to see more of it, plan a trip after having a look into this good Israel Travel Guide

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