The Community Wind Turbine Concept

The motivation to install a Community Wind Turbine

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In regions where wind is abundant it is natural to use it for generating electricity. The wind turbine is more economic than the solar turbine. For most suburban communities, installing a home wind turbine is not a practical proposition; the main reasons are the necessity for tall towers and the turbine hum. The “solution” of roof top turbine doesn’t really provide a sound solution. Therefore, suburban residents can get clean wind generated electricity only from utility large scale wind turbines farms. Even though the wind turbines farm enjoys the economy of scale, the electricity is usually generated far away from the place it is used and far away from the metro areas; this brings about increased operational cost and increased distribution losses

There is a solution at hand though. Two examples for it are the existing Windshare project in Toronto Canada and the under construction Lakewind project in Ontario Canada. The idea is to build one community size wind turbine in an open space large enough to generate electricity to a few hundred households in the community

It is not an easy task; first a local community initiative needs to be crystallized followed by an agreement to be reached by the majority. Next, a site survey is done to see the wind conditions and the environmental impacts on landscape, birds migration profiles, noise level and possible interruption to land and air transportation. Only then a business plan can be done to see the entailed investment and the return on that investment. Then the construction and land use must be approved and financing has to be found

Not an easy task, and a challenging one; however it brings about positive rewards. It pull people together for a common goal, it is economical for everyone in the community and an environmentally sound project

With a good positive leadership it can be done

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