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Solar Panels Are Now Available For RV

When most of us think of energy conservation tips, we think of adding solar panels to our homes to help reduce heating costs or to even eliminate your power bill altogether. But did you know there is an entire industry devoted to RV solar panels? For as long as Americans have been taking to the wide open road, the recreational vehicle, or RV has been a popular vacation option. Now, the latest solar technology is getting together with this great American pastime and the results are simply amazing. Let’s take a look at just how this amazing new technology works.

RV Solar Panels Vary Widely in Cost

Depending on how large of a unit you want for your RV, starter units are available for as little as $300. If you have a larger recreational vehicle and you want to supply it with as much solar energy as you can, there are kits priced as high as $7,000. What do you get for your investment? As anyone who owns an RV knows, your appliances, fans and other items run off battery power. If you are away from any electrical source, you are limited on how long you can keep those batteries charged. If you install RV solar panels, you can keep your batteries charged indefinitely, which is a huge boost to those that like to take their RVs as far away from civilization as possible.

Energy Efficient Appliances

You can get even more life out of your solar panels for RV by supplying your RV with energy efficient appliances. There are two main classifications of energy efficient appliances: Energy Star and EnerGuide. Both certification standards are plainly listed on the appliances themselves so you can see which qualify before you buy. By reducing the amount of energy your RV uses, you can enjoy the great outdoors even longer than before.

RVs Are Designed To Be Solar Panel Ready

If you are thinking about purchasing an RV and you want it to be ready to take on a pair of solar panels in a matter of minutes, you are in luck. According to industry experts, the demand for RV solar panels is so high that essentially every major RV manufacturer out there is making their newest models solar panel ready. All you’ll have to do is mount the panels, run down a few wires and you’ll be ready to go. Some models even have a pre-made storage unit for your battery all ready to go.

Free Installation of RV Solar Panels

Many dealers are also offering free installation of RV solar panels as an incentive to buy from them, especially during times of high gas prices and a poor economy where RV sales might be poor otherwise. If you are in the market for an RV, ask for solar panels to be included in the sale price as an add on.

The RV is a beloved part of the American landscape and although fuel prices may be high, there is no sign that the RV is taking a pit stop any time soon. Now, thanks to new RV solar panels, you can add an environmentally friendly touch to your next vacation.

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