Domestic Solar Power Systems
Convincing the Public to Make The Change

Even with the dramatic decrease in cost seen in renewable energy over the past decade, it is still cheaper, and in some cases considerably so, to generate power with coal fired plants and with nuclear power than it is with residential solar energy systems or wind farms. To many times, green energy is one of those things that looks great on paper, but once you get down to the brass tacks and you begin talking about cost effectiveness and locations for sun and wind farms, the public suddenly gets a case of cold feet. Convincing people to spend more money for less power is a tough trick, but the following tips may help you get the job done.

Focus Price Conscious Consumers On The Long Term Savings

First and foremost, you have to demonstrate the fact that both solar and wind power will cost less over the long term, think decades, than any other form of energy. You can also point out that, historically, the cost of constructing a nuclear plant often ends up much more expensive than originally thought. The Darlington Nuclear Power Station in Ontario, Canada is currently one of the most advanced facilities of its kind anywhere in the world, but the initial price tag of $5 billion ballooned to $14.4 billion, a debt that power customers in the province will be paying off for decades to come. Not only will green energy sources pay for themselves faster than nuclear or coal, any cost overruns are bound to be significantly less than what is possible with other forms of energy. Both residential solar power systems and wind farms are a far more economical choice.

Focus On The Cleanliness of Green Energy

Perhaps the best argument for green technologies such as residential solar power systems and wind farms, as well as geothermal power and marine power, is the fact that it is completely clean. This is the one area that green advocates can slam coal and nuclear. No matter how large or how fine they build nuclear reactors, there is a waste product left behind. Clean coal technology is an industry buzz word that means practically the opposite of what the name signifies. Coal is a fossil fuel and will never, ever be “clean”, no matter what is done to it. Nothing beats the environmental friendliness of solar, wind and other natural energy sources.

Residential Solar Energy Is Renewable Energy

If the war in Iraq has taught the world anything, it is that the sooner we wean ourselves off of foreign oil imports, the better off we’ll be. Since renewable energies are limitless, the quicker we develop green technologies, the sooner we can wave goodbye to OPEC forever. The idea that every home in every neighborhood can be self sufficient isn’t a pipe dream any longer, but it is going to take real investment, and spending our tax dollars on coal or nuclear isn’t going to help make that possibility a reality. If your community is given the choice to develop residential solar power systems, wind power and other renewable energies, make the progressive choice and do what’s best for our generation and generations to come.
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