What is a Green MBA?

A few colleges in the USA offer the green MBA program, (also known as sustainable MBA program).

The Curriculum and the prospects for the Graduates

The curriculum offered is a blend environmental issues, social aspects and the legacy topics one usually find in a standard MBA curriculum (macro economics, micro economics, legal legislation and regulation of corporates, etc.) With the increasing awareness to environmental issues, business entities voluntarily or because they need to comply with regulations are looking more broadly and more deeply into environmental, social and community related aspects. The time when corporates looked only into to the bottom line profit are gone. A corporate is looking more and more now to contribute to the community and to keep its environment clean and healthy. Therefore, the demand for sustainable MBA graduates is increasing. Graduates will find jobs in the public sector and in the private sector

Objectives of the sustainable MBA program

The MBA program is tailored to address the following with an eye on business considerations:

Economic aspects

Better usage models of energy sources, water resources, better transportation systems and better building methods

Environmental considerations

Prevent water pollution, air pollution and greenhouse gasses and over development. Reclaim of polluted water sources, developing green energy resources, better land usage models, green building

Social aspects

Eliminating or reducing poverty, new jobs creation, helping the community

Possible impact on taxation and pricing models

The program prepares the graduates to emerging models of pricing and taxation. For example taxation on polluting water and air, price and tax incentives for green energy, quotas on greenhouse gasses (Kyoto protocol)

Ranking of the available MBA programs can be found easily by using a good search engine

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