New Solar Energy Manufacturers
Tax Credit Guidelines

On August 13 2009 the Treasury Department and the Department of Energy announced new tax credit guidelines for the manufacturing of renewable energy components. The purpose is to put the USA on track to become the world leader in manufacturing of solar energy components such as solar electric panels.

The reasons for the new policy guidelines

This policy resembles the German policy that already made Germany the leader in Europe. The program is planned to attract billions of US dollars to be invested in US manufacturing facilities of solar energy components. Hopefully it will create new jobs in states that have lost jobs recently. The expectation of the two Departments is that solar-related relevant sections in the Stimulus Bill (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ) will create 110,000 jobs in the solar industry in the near future. This is music to the ears of unemployed people in these regions and to their families.

The new provisions came just in time to answer the interest of tier 1 manufacturing leaders to invest in solar manufacturing plants on the soil of the USA. Names like Sharp, Dow Corning and SCHOTT are being heard as possible investors. The bill will provide the tax credit guidance necessary to the accelerated growth of the US solar components manufacturing industry.

These new tax credit guidelines will lead to the reduction of the cost of solar energy to the end user

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