Arizona Energy Tax Credits
Arizona Solar Incentives

To what extent the Arizona Arizona energy tax credits and incentives are influenced by the solar and wind commercial sector in Arizona? Arizona is probably the hub for solar and wind commercial activity in the United States. See how much tax credits and incentives the state and the utilities provide to you as a resident of Arizona

Arizona energy tax incentives are on personal tax and property tax exemption. Installing solar power systems and solar hot water heaters, entitled for 25% credit on the year of the installation limited to $1,000.
In addition, property tax exemption on the system (the equipment and the associated installation cost) was approved in 2008. You may get more information by calling (800) 352-4090 the Tax Assistance, Arizona Department of Revenue.

However the Arizona utilities do provide energy incentives.This is a list of the utilities that have provisions for rebates and other incentives

  • APS - Renewable Incentive Program
  • SRP - EarthWise Solar Energy
  • Sulphur Springs Valley EC - SunWatts Rebate Program
  • TEP - Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program
  • Trico Electric Cooperative - SunWatts Incentive Program
  • UES - Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program

This is a presentation about the Arizona utilities incentives

Loans are available in some of the regions. Information can be obtained from the utility you are served by

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