Cash for Appliances Rebate
Replacement of not-efficient appliances

As of April 2010, cash for appliances rebates are available for those who want to replace their worn-out, energy deficient clunkers appliances for better Energy Star labeled electrical appliances.

Cash for Clunkers Appliances Rebates Information

Eligible homeowners have now the opportunity to purchase new energy-efficient appliances when they replace old inefficient electrical appliances and get a US government funded appliances rebate. Each one of the states has prepared a list of ENERGY STAR appliances qualified for the appliances rebate. The state list is a subset of the Department Of Energy (DOE) list of recommended energy efficient appliances.
Each state has its own Appliance Rebate Program in place whereby the funding comes out of the DOE budget. You can expect a cash rebate limited to 15% of appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, cloth driers and room air conditioner.
Eligible Energy Star approved central HVAC systems can get up to $1,500 rebate if purchased.
On top of that, the HVAC investment is eligible to the 1500 energy tax rebate on home improvements. The 1500 tax credit amounts to 30% of the investment in home energy improvement, a cup of $1,500 in credits was set for tax years 2009 and 2010 on the combined energy improvement investment in furnaces, windows, doors, skylights and central air-conditioners/heaters. This means that up to $5,000 can be invested in 2009 and 2010 combined in home energy improvement investments and still be eligible for the 30% tax credit.

Links to the Cash for Appliances Rebate Program

It is highly recommended to view these two pages for reference, the information is accurate. The information as provided on magazines and articles is not full and might not be relevant to where you live.

This is a link to the DOE Energy Saver site page on the new appliances rebate

This is a link to specific DOE data on the program as applied to each state relevant appliances and starting date of the program

How to get the Cash for appliances rebate?

These are down to earth practical steps you can take while saving the time needed to read through a lot of pages. This is a shortcut approach for getting the rebate and overcome the red tape involved.

  1. A retailer where you live will be cognizant with the necessary information, forms and procedure. Make the local appliances merchant your starting point. Retailers will be first to know, will be updated and would be able to assist through the process

  2. In case the program is not launched yet in your area, ask the retailer to give you a call once the program starts.

  3. Do not abandon the always good practice to compare prices

  4. Stay alert and quick to react, the budget is limited and when the money dries out in your area you will not be able to enjoy the rebate

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