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Cheap Pool Heater Solar

Cheap pool heater solar comes to your rescue if your budget is tight. Cheap pool heaters allow you to extend your backyard swimming pool season. Find out 3 ways to reduce the investment on a solar pool heater without sacrificing its quality. Inexpensive pool heaters are not a day dream, with some investment in research you can get a pool heater at an affordable price.

Adding Pool Solar Heaters to an Existing Pool Heater

If you already have a gas or electric pool heater, I don’t have to tell you the benefits and added value of owning a pool heater.

  • Longer swimming season
  • The pool water feels comfortable, not too hot and not too cold
  • You will get a better appreciation for your home if you sell it or apply for a home equity loan

However, the rising energy prices might force you to curtail the actual use of your pool heater. The solution might be to add a pool solar water heater in tandem to your existing gas or electric pool heater.

This is a win-win situation.

  • The added pool solar heater can be smaller in size, share some parts of the existing system and as a result be cheaper than a standalone solar pool heater.
  • Since the solar heater provide most of the energy to heat up the pool water, the existing heater will consume less energy and the energy bills will be smaller

Buy at Wholesale and Bargain Prices

Increasing your buying volume by joining efforts with neighbors or friends you can get solar equipment at wholesale prices.

Do It Yourself

Another way to save and achieve a cheap pool heater solar is to buy the pool components and install the system yourself. You save the installation cost by not contracting a solar contractor. Adhere to the installation instructions as provided by the manufacturers of the different parts. Even if you decide to DIY, get a quote for a turn key job that can be served as a baseline

Use Energy Tax Credits

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Eco friendly Pool Products

Whether you have a swimming pool heater or not, you need to purchase pool products.
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