Home Energy Usage
Can you save?

About Using Energy at Home

It is time we think about our home energy usage and try to reduce our energy bills. We live our modern life and for us using energy is tantamount to having good life. We light our home lavishly, we use air-conditioners to cool our home during the hot season, we heat up our home during the cold season, our home is electrified with all kind of appliances and we drive our car to work, for shopping to the kids' school and so on. I counted the top energy consumers on which we spend our energy money. It is possible to maintain your Standard of Living and to save energy

Can we choose our home better?

Yes, I know, for most of us the choices have been made. But, occasionally we move and young couples start their life and choose their first home. If you can choose, Think small, or I'll phrase it better – think fit; choose the home that is just the right size for your family. In a home that is too big for your family, consider shutting off rooms that are not in use. Choose a home that is close to your work, consider buying a hybrid car.

What can we do in an existing home?

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