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Home Solar Electricity

The awareness to home solar electricity has grown over the last decade. It is the accumulated effect of soaring energy prices, the maturity of the involved technology and government and utility incentives. For those who are still not ready to invest in sun powered home generator, there is an option to purchase their electricity from an accredited renewable energy supplier. Green energy suppliers produce electricity using renewable energy resources ( hydroelectricity, wind powered generators, sun powered generators and geothermal generators). In case you want to dip your feet and commit to residential solar electricity start with the basics and follow my suggested checklist.

Home Solar Power Checklist

  1. Look into your last 12 months electricity bills to see your $ spending and your KWh consumption
  2. See what are your energy saving options
  3. Offload your water heater from your electricity bills and install a solar thermal hot water heater
  4. Recalculate your expected new electricity needs after the deduction of electricity savings by eliminating energy waste and by installing solar hot water heater
  5. View my residential solar power page
  6. See if your site is suitable for solar power generation (location, orientation, un-shaded roof or garden)
  7. Research the market for solar power kits and solar contractors
  8. If you live off grid, consider to add a home wind generator

Solar electricity was first a space related technology and it is now more than ever well adopted to home power generation. The link bellow contains basic information on solar energy for home

Solar </p><p>Energy Buyers Guide From Northern Tool

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