Solar Australia
Australian Energy from Sun

Solar Australia Background

Australia is an ideal place for solar thermal utilization. Solar thermal energy is used for:

It is estimated that the residential photovoltaic production capacity amounts to 115MW, (0.2% of total electricity production). Australia enjoys sunny dry climate conditions, ideal for solar energy utilization. Like elsewhere, the high cost of solar panels slows down the spread of the solar technology into the domestic nich. The government stepped in with attractive Feed-in tariffs and have set mandatory renewable energy goals to push forward renewable energy in Australia.

A utility size, 154 MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power station in Victoria is planned. The technology used is concentrated solar technology. The plant will provide electricity to 50,000 homes

Solar Cities

Solar Cities is an Australian Government initiative. The purpose is to develop solar power innovative technologies, smart electricity meters, energy conservation measures and economic models for electricity pricing.
Adelaide, Alice Springs, Blacktown, Central Victoria and Townsville are the first Solar Cities of Australia, serving as model cities. Coburg and Perth were added in 2007.

There are a few prominent companies active in the Australian solar utilization business. BP Solar (Australia) is a good example to such a company

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