Solar Energy Facts

My Solar Energy Facts page will describe interesting facts about solar energy, about the sun and how you can use this endless energy source at your home

The Sun

  • Planet Earth average distance from the Sun is 93 million miles (149 million Km)
  • A sunray leaving the Sun surface now will arrive to Earth surface 8 minutes later
  • Earth is positioned in the optimal orbit around the Sun to support life
  • Solar energy, arriving to Earth as Sun Radiation is driving forward the Climate Machine; weather changes over land and water, winds, precipitation and all other weather phenomena
  • The atmosphere acts as a filter that behaves differently to different wavelengths (colors)
  • Fossils (crude oil, coal, natural gas) and wood are here on Earth due to solar energy; photosynthesis (coal, wood) and animals in ancient times (crude oil, gas)

More Solar Energy Facts

  • One hour worth of Sun radiation on Earth surface is more than enough to supply the entire Earth population energy needs in one year
  • Burning fossils is the number one cause for global warming. Global warming is already causing tremendous economical damages as well as human suffering through storms, desertification and draughts; should this process continue it might get out of control and Earth might be like Venus (impossible to live on)
  • The remedy is to use renewable energy: solar, wind, hydro power, geothermic power and nuclear power

Facts about Solar Energy uses

Solar energy can be used to heat water. An average US household spends 25% of its home energy cost to heat water

Solar energy can be used to heat your pool and heat your home space

You can generate electricity using the photovoltaic effect, either on grid or off-grid

Solar energy can be used in small scale as solar gadgets and toys

Energy Facts

A 1 kilowatt photovoltaic generator system prevents burning 160 lbs (72 Kg) of coal and releasing 300 lbs (135 Kg ) of carbon-dioxide to the atmosphere every month (and you save on your electricity bill)

A hot water solar heater prevents the release of 50 tons carbon-dioxide during its 20 years life

People taking a commitment to go solar, help our planet and help their bank account

More and more renewable energy jobs will be created in the next few years; research, production, installation, sales, support and education; renewable energy is the new king

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