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Solar Hot Water Pumps

Solar hot water pumps also known as solar circulating pumps are used in many of the solar hot water heater systems. They enable installation situations like long pipe length or in case the collector is on a higher altitude than the tank.

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These pumps are also used in solar pool heaters solar hot water pump

The pump can be made from bronze, cast iron or from stainless steel.

Pumps are relatively small and are powered by electricity. Electricity can be either AC (115V, 60 Hz in the US), 12V or 24V DC from a battery or DC supplied by small photovoltaic panel

Consider the following when you go to choose the right size for the pump:

  • How much water the pump can stream, usually measured in GPM (gallons per minute)
  • What is the length of the pipe the pump needs to traverse? (it will read in the product brochure "head to xxx feet"
The size grows in proportion to these two parametrs.

You need to see that the flange size fits your plumbing
It is good to have the motor and the pump mechanism housed in a detachable replaceable cartridge, for ease of field service
Look into a known respected manufacturer

The 3 situations you'll need a solar circulator pump are:

The cost can run between $200 to $400, it depends on the size, the material and the manufacturer. You can buy from a reliable store that sells other related products and provides guidance

Maintenance is minimal, read the user manual and follow its instructions

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