Solar Hot Water Heating History

Solar hot water heating was known way back in history. I'll jump ahead in time to:

Modern Time Solar Water Heaters History

In the 1920s solar water heating systems, similar to the modern systems, were popular in Florida and Southern California.

Massive installation of solar heating systems started in Israel in the 1950s. Israel is were I was born and spent most my of life. Now, I share my life between Israel and the US. Following the oil embargo during the Yom Kippur war, the Israeli parliament passed a law requiring every new home to install solar water heaters. (high rising residential towers are exempted if they don't have enough roof area). It is estimated that the massive installation of these systems is saving Israel 3% of its total energy consumption.

Here is a picture of an old fashion solar water heating system installed on the roof of a family home in Raanana Israel solar hot water heater

In other Mediterranean countries with abundant sun radiation, among them Greece, Cyprus and Spain it is common now to see solar water heating systems

Spain became the second country after Israel to require the installation of solar water heating systems, and the first to require installation of residential solar electric systems

It might come to you as a surprise, but countries like Japan and Austria that do have c-o-l-d winters and less sun radiation, also adopted happily the heating systems powered by the sun The lower cost versions of these systems are becoming more popular in China.

The US is leading in innovation and improvements to solar water heating systems, especially in the area of hot water solar panels

The systems are more efficient, the maintenance cost is lower and their life time expectancy is longer.

It is believed that with the new administration, and with the economical impetus this new administration gives to renewable energy sources, more and more US homes will eventually install solar hot water systems.

Available tax credits and subsidized loans will eventually help to push this solution for domestic water heating forward.

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