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The Solar Pool Water Heater

The popularity of the solar pool water heater is on the rise. This page addresses Frequently Asked Questions on the pool solar water heater.

Installation, Operation,Shopping and Maintenance

The system can be self installed (DIY) or you can resort to the services of a certified solar contractor. The system is almost maintenance free, cleaning the panels is required and the pump is the only part that contains moving parts. You may Shop Specialty Pool Products for Swimming Pool Heating Options

How does the Solar Pool Heater work?

The solar pool water heater harness the sun radiation to heat up the swimming pool water. The water are circulated by a pump from the pool to the solar panels and back to the pool. The water is circulated through the solar panels until the desired water temperature is reached.

Where and when can the solar pool water heater be used?

A certified solar pool water heater system from a reputable manufacturer can extend the swimming season in areas with different climates. In sunny warm regions it can virtually expand the season to almost year around, while in colder less sunny regions it can double the season to cover Spring time, Summer time and Autumn time.

A well designed system has a sophisticated automatic controller that circulates the water through the panels during the daylight hours, bypasses the panels when the water reaches the desired temperature and turn off the system over night

Even during partly cloudy days, there is enough sun radiation to maintain the desired water temperature. Adding more panels, will extend the swimming season and will overcome the more cloudy days.

Can a domestic water heater be used for pool water heating?

Domestic water heaters for indoor applications use smaller glazed collectors that are designed to heat up a small volume of water to higher temperatures (60 degrees C, 140 degrees F). Pool heaters on the other hand use non-glazed polypropylene tubing collectors designed to heat up a large volume of water to lower temperatures (35 degrees C, 95 degrees F)

Can a solar pool water heater generate electrical power?

No, pool solar heater convert sun radiation to heat while solar power generators convert sun radiation directly to electricity

What is the right collector size?

The required area of the collectors is dependent on where is your pool located and on how much you want to extend the season. The size can range between 50% to 100% of the pool's area. You may consider to start with the smaller size and add more panels if necessary

What if I have an existing pool heater?

Under certain circumstances, adding the solar panels will reduce your heating bills. Consult a solar contractor about the feasibility of adding the solar heater

Solar Heating for Pools Tips

Plastic non-glazed panels are cheaper to buy and are the ones mostly used for pool solar water heaters.

Contrary to glazed metal collectors that are usually used for solar hot water heaters for indoor uses, plastic un-glazed collectors are better adapted to swimming pool heating. Chlorinated swimming pool water flowing through plastic tubes doesn’t suffer from the chemical reaction between active chlorine and metals. This chemical reaction can coat the pool walls and bottom with a dark metal layer.

If you decide to shop for cheap pool heater solar, compromising the quality will eventually end up with a more expensive life cycle cost, shop from a reputable vendor. Shop Specialty Pool Products for Swimming Pool Heating Options

Pool Heaters are certified by Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) or similar institutes

Compare prices, shop wisely and see what the warranty covers. Warranty period of 10 years is not uncommon

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