Solar Power Benefits for the Homeowner

Many homeowners wonder what the solar power benefits are. The advantages of solar power are many. Economical advantages, environmental advantages and the benefit of versatility. There are however known limitations and disadvantages to solar power. Above all, even though solar power is not the panacea to all human power generation needs, it has its respectful place in the power generation hall of fame.

Economical Advantages of Solar Power

Once the initial investment is paid back (within 6 to 8 years from commissioning) you get a practically free of charge electrical power supply and the ever increasing price of electricity will not affect you any more. The life span of a solar power generator is over 20 years and until 2016 the federal government, most of the states, some of the power utilities and many other governments provide energy tax breaks or other subsidies. After the considerable drop in solar power panels we saw during the years 2010-2012 the investment in solar power generation systems is even more cost effective.

Environmental Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power is sustainable, renewable, clean and silent

Renewable Energy Source
- The sun will be with us for billions of years to come, much more than the lifespan of any human being

Clean Energy Source
- Solar panels do not pollute poisonous gases and do not release carbon dioxide (CO2) or any other greenhouse gas

Silent generation of power
-In contrast to any other electrical power generator (including a wind turbine) solar electric power generators do not make any noise or bustle

The versatility of Solar Power

Solar power generators are self contained and they provide an excellent solution to off grid installations and to outdoor needs

Off grid Installations
-It is usually more economical and convenient not to run long power lines from the grid to a remote from the grid site. The remote site could be a off-grid ranch, a off grid home or a solar powered well pump. Freeways lighting, remote traffic lights and remote cellular base stations towers can best enjoy the solar power benefits

Outdoor needs
-You can light up your garden, your front door, your swimming pull without resorting to wires that run from the inside of your home. This adds security, reliability and ease of installation.

Limitations and disadvantages of Solar Power

There are few limitations to solar power you must be aware to

  • Solar power is not available on a cloudy day or at night. Your backup for cloudy days and night time is the utility. The power utility is obliged to purchase from you your surplus electricity when your demand is low at the feed in tariff. If you live in a off grid home (or ranch) your back up could be a wind turbine, a diesel generator and in most cases you’ll need to have a bank of deep cycle storage batteries.

  • By the end of the solar panels useful life you will need to recycle the panels and to buy and install a new solar power system.

  • Solar panels tend to be heavy, yet they are usually installed on the roof. You may opt to use solar panels that looks like shingles and replace the legacy tiles.

  • You need to clean and dust off the solar panels from time to time

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