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Relative advantages of Solar Spain

Spain is a Mediterranean country and a member of the EEC (European Economic Community). Spain joined the countries that use the Euro as its legal currency and with 40 million citizens it is one of the more populated European countries. Spain is a good example that shows how an embracing Government policy can make the change. The Spanish Government policy on clean renewable energy positioned Spain as a leader and fast adaptor of solar energy utilization. Spain has more available sunshine than most other European countries and it was a smart move to take advantage of this relative advantage. Spain hopes to reach 3000 megawatts installed solar production capacity (12% of total production capacity) by 2010, a mere 6 years after the Government adapted the new Solar policy

Utility size Solar Power Plants

Spain is a proofing ground to different technologies for large scale electricity production by harnessing Sun radiation. Local and foreign business entities, encouraged by the wise Spanish government policies, rush to build power plants in Spain. The 2 mainstream methods are:

  • Solar Thermal Power Plants (Solar Towers); hundreds of concentrating mirrors (heliostats) reflects the sun radiation toward a high tower that collects the radiation and heats up water to high temperature steam. The steam drive a turbine much like the turbine used in the conventional power plants. However, the Sun replaces the fossil fuels that generate the steam in the conventional power plant, hence no pollution and no added carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In some of the plants, heat is stored from day to night using melted salt as a high heat capacity material, enabling around the clock operation
  • Large scale Concentrated PV (photovoltaic) Power Plants
  • Domestic sector Solar

    New buildings in Spain are required by law to install a residential solar thermal water heater and a residential solar photovoltaic power generation system. Feed-in tariff is provided to any solar power generator, small or large, feeding in the grid. View my page on grid connected solar power generators

    PV (photovoltaic) panels manufacturing

    Spain encourages mass production manufacturing of solar photovoltaic panels; Two prominent manufacturing companies are BP Solar and Isofoton. Isofoton is Spanish based company, and its production capacity is ranked as number 8 worldwide.

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