Solar Swimming Pool Heaters
Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers frequently asked questions about solar swimming pool heaters. These are actual questions asked by interested swimming pool owners and users.

What is the purpose of solar heating for pools?

The purpose of any swimming pool heater is to extend the useful swimming season. The modest investment in the solar pool heater guarantees a warm water swimming pool for many years to come. No recurring expenses are needed to buy fuel or to use electricity to warm up the pool water.

How does a solar pool water heater work?

The pool water are circulated in a close loop with the help of a pump through a large size solar collectors, get heated up and circulated back to the pool. To view more details click here to read the solar swimming pool heaters operation page

How are solar swimming pool heaters different than the solar hot water heaters?

Although the principle of operation is the same and both systems use a solar thermal collector as their main component to heat up the water, there are differences. A solar hot water heater can heat up a relatively smaller volume of water stored in the tank to higher temperature of more than 100 degrees F (37 degrees C). Solar swimming pool heaters circulates the large volume of water that is contained in the pool to relatively lower comfortable temperature at about 78 degrees F (25 degrees C). The solar pool heater doesn’t need a storage tank and the solar pool collectors are much cheaper than the solar thermal panels used for the domestic solar water heater.

What is the required size of the solar pool collectors?

As a rule of thumb, solar pool panels with an are equal to 20% of the pool surface area will raise the pool water temperature by 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Five time that, 100% of the area will raise the temperature by 15 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees C). If you cover the pool over night you can save on collectors size (size equal money)

Where can I mount the solar collectors?

You need an exposed to the sun un-shaded area on your tilted roof facing south. Tilted roofs facing west or east will provide you with a less than optimum performance. If you have a flat roof, use a structure to mount the collectors tilted.

What are the other components of the solar pool water heater?

The other components are a small pump, water filters and a temperature sensor (thermostat). In case the water temperature exceeds the comfort temperature, a valve bypass the water and they don’t go through the collectors.

What would be the expected cost of the solar pool heater?

The cost depends on the pool size, the region where the pool is in and on how long you want your season to be extended. You can expect a cost of $2,000 to $6,000.

What do I need to know about maintenance of solar pool heaters?

The maintenance cost and effort is really minimal. Cleaning the water filters, cleaning the collectors’ surface and taking care of the pump.

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