A Solar Water Heater Kit
DIY Solar Water Halfway Through

Rather than constructing a water heater from raw materials, buying a solar water heater kit provides you the opportunity to install the kit yourself, DIY solar water heater half way through. This approach is a better one than buying separately the different components as detailed below.

The Advantages of Solar Hot Water Heater Kits

Pre-packaged kits of solar water heating systems save you time in learning the subject. If it is going to be a one time job for you, there is no point to spend more time than the absolute minimum that is necessary to learn the subject. Reading through my two pages solar hot water heaters and types of solar water heating systems will provide you the necessary background information in less than 2 hours. After that you’ll have a pretty good knowledge to start shopping the right type and the right size sun powered water heater kit.

Buying from an online store or a real store in your neighborhood that already sold hundreds or even thousands of pre-packaged kits will provide you with the expertise the store has gained and you will enjoy the price leverage the store has on its suppliers.

A kit by definition is complete. It has all the major parts, everything necessary for the installation, so you don’t find yourself stuck midway through installation with missing parts

Along with the kit, you will get all the necessary documentation to install the solar hot water heater and to maintain it in a good working condition hereafter.

Solar Water Heater Retrofit Kit

A solar water heater retrofit kit is an add-on to your existing hot water heater. Using existing parts of the existing system, it is a cheaper way to buy and install a solar water heating systems. With the right instructions they can be fit to mostly any existing water heating system. After installing the kit, you will save 60-80% on what you used to spend on heating water before you choose to install the solar hot water heater.

Turn Key Jobs

As a reference, get a technical proposal and a price quotation from a solar contractor. This will serve you as a baseline to compare with the kit proposed to you by the store and to figure out whether you still want to install the solar heater yourself. Some of the parts such as the solar collector and the solar hot water tank are heavy and you will need to lift them up

Run a WEB search with the term solar water heater kit to find out the specialized on-line stores and see what they have to offer

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