Solar Water Heater Kits
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Solar Water Heater Kits

Heating water can easily amount to 25% or even 30% of the domestic electricity monthly bill, or cost this amount of money if the heater works on fossil (oil, gas, etc.). Solar Hot Water Heaters can provide a quick and most cost effective transition into using clean energy and save immediately on water heating expenses.

A preliminary step before diving into a lot of technical details is to read my page on Solar Water Heater Types. Based on where you live and the relative height of the solar collector and the solar hot water storage tank you’ll know whether you need to go on a passive solar hot water heater (with no pump) or an active solar hot water heater (with a pump). Then, based on your family size, you can find out what is the right size of the solar hot water system

Once you have a pretty good idea on the right system and the right size, you can do one of the following:

  1. Bring in a solar contractor and get a price proposal for a turn key job
  2. Buy the components from one store (or more) and DIY
  3. Buy a complete kit including all the needed hardware from one good store and DIY

The advantages of buying a complete kit are:

  • You’ll get everything you really need for installation and won’t find out when you are on the roof you need to buy a bracket or some other minor part
  • The store that sold you the kit did a good job to match the size of the collector to that of the tank and have provided you with the right fittings and plumbing accessories
  • You have good chances to get a more cost effective price on the kit than on buying the parts individually

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