Install Solar Window Screens

and Save on Air-Conditioning Bills

Solar window screens repel the sun's heat and radiation. They prevent most of the radiation from entering into your home through the windows. Sun window screens cover the outer surface of existing windows. They look like run of the mill window screens; however they are made from materials with special optic properties.

Other Benefits of Sun Window Screens

Sun Window Screens not only limit the amount of heat, sun dazzling light and ultraviolet radiation from entering the home, they also keep out grime, sand particles, insects and pollen. They are semi-mirrors, with dark outside appearance yet transparent to someone who looks out; they provide extra privacy against people peering into your home. In a way, a sun window screen works the same way as sunglasses.

What Are The Benefits?

For warm sunny regions like Arizona or Nevada, adding solar window screens is one of the most efficient energy saving measures. Up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius) cooler temperatures are reported for homes equipped with solar screens in comparison to homes without solar screens. This is a tremendous saving in air-conditioning expenses, together with solar attic vents the saving is really substantial. Similar screens can be used on the external windows of cars; repelling infrared radiation relieve the driver and his companions from stress related to sun radiation.

You can get the energy home improvement tax credit if you invest in sun window screens

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