Types of Swimming Pool Heaters
Advantages and Disadvantages

Using swimming pool heaters can substantially extend the swimming season, and because swimming pools are relatively expensive it is worthwhile to consider investing in a pool heater.
(To construct a pool would cost about $50 per square foot plus the add-on items cost). The question is: how to warm up your pool, and what is the best way to warm a pool?

What does a pool heater do?

With the aid of the pool heater, the swimming pool water temperature is kept comfortably warm during the “out of season” months. In most cases, the season can be doubled or even tripled.

Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

The majority of pool heaters on the market are: swimming pool heat pumps (electric), solar swimming pool heaters and gas heaters. They can be compared by their:

  • The cost to buy and install
  • The cost to operate the heater (fuel, energy)
  • Maintenance cost and ease of maintenance
  • Chemicals and filters. Get Eco-Friendly Products for Pool, Spa & Home, at Specialty Pool Products!

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Solar swimming pool heaters exploit the greenhouse effect to warm the pool. The existing pool pump is used to circulate the water to a large area, relatively cheap pool solar collectors. The collectors are usually mounted on the roof of the house, and they warm up the water during daylight. For regions that enjoy at least a few hours of sunlight during the spring season and during autumn time, one can expect adequate performance. The initial investment is modest (in the few thousands USD bracket, the operation cost is almost zero (no fuel or electricity is consumed, only the pump consumes electricity; however the pump is needed anyway in most cases). The disadvantage is that after a sequence of a few cloudy days the pool won’t retain the desired warmth. Shop Specialty Pool Products for Swimming Pool Heating Options

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heat pumps operate on electricity and they are extremely efficient because they move heat from one place to another. Swimming pool heat pumps work the same way as HVAC do when they operate in their heating mode. HVAC systems transfer the heat to air; pool heat pumps transfer the heat to the pool water.

The pool’s pump circulates the water from the pool to the heat pump heater. The heat pump heater sucks in the outside air and flow it over an evaporator. Liquid refrigerant within the evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the outside air expands and turn it into gas. The warm gas in the coil goes through a compressor. The compressor substantially heats up the gas. A condenser acts as a heat exchanger and transfers the heat from the hot gas to the pool water that circulates through the heat pump. From the heat pump the warmer water returns to the pool.

Most heat pumps are operating on electrical power. Their operation is reliable and consistent and they maintain the water temperature at the desired level.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters simply burn propane (or natural gas) to heat up the pool water. Like in the other two types, the pool’s water is circulated by the pump to the pool heater.

Gas heaters compared to Heat Pump Heaters

In terms of efficiency, heat pumps are more efficient than heaters that burn fossils, such as gas. Therefore the cost to operate a Gas Heater is greater than the cost to operate a swimming pool heat pump.
The cost to buy and install a heat pump is usually higher than the cost of buying and installing a gas heater. The tradeoff is between upfront costs to operation cost. Cost items such as filters, loss of water through evaporation, pool chemicals and cleaning are the same regardless of the heater type.

Eco friendly Pool Products

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