Water Turbines
Romantic yet Effective

Water Turbines and Power Generators

Any turbine converts a linear motion to circular motion. Steam, wind or water blows over a circular turbine that drives an electricity generator. Steam is produced by heating water to high temperature and high pressure and let it go into lower pressure space where the turbine is. Heating water is done by burning fossils (coal, oil or gas) or by the heat generated in a nuclear reactor. Fossils burning pollute the air and add to the CO2 in the atmosphere. Nuclear reactor is not polluting, however it is considered an hazard and the residues are radioactive and very difficult to handle. Wind energy is used in wind farms for large scale production of electricity and in small residential wind power generators

Microhydro (small water) turbine

For these fortunate people who have running water stream on their land installing a small water generator (micro-hydro electrical generator) is their best choice for clean energy generation. Their relatively small hydro turbine will generate power day and night.

Other clean energy generators are dependent on day light (the residential solar power) or on wind conditions (home wind generator)

For these people who lives near seasonal streams, a small water driven turbine can complement their right size off grid solar generator

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