Cheap Solar Power
Affordable Solar Energy

It is not that easy to get cheap solar power yet it is possible. Investing in residential solar power generation is a relatively expensive capital investment for the typical household. There are ways to get cheaper solar energy as detailed bellow

There are two steps that can be taken even before the investment in solar power generation is considered, as can be seen in the next paragraphs.

Use Energy Wisely and Invest in Solar Water Heaters

Without scarifying the standard of living and daily life patterns, home energy consumption can be reduced. Click to view my saving energy at home tips to see how it can be done on a low budget or with no money investment.

Investing in a solar hot water heater can save you 15% to 20% of your energy bills at a cost that is a fraction of the investment in solar power generation.

After these two steps are completed, the household average electricity consumption is substantially lower (by 30% to 40%). As a result, it is possible to downsize the planned residential solar power system. A smaller size solar power system translates immediately to a lower upfront investment in the solar system.

Get the Solar Power Components at Lower Prices

The secret of cheap solar power is to buy the solar power components of the system at the lowest possible prices.
Without scarifying high quality standards you can shop for solar power kits at discounted wholesale prices from the top of the industry vendors. The key is to find a way to buy the most expensive portion of the system, namely the solar panels at larger quantities. Installing the kit yourself (DIY approach) can save you even more; take into account that the solar panels are heavy and you have to lift them up to the roof. Take a certified electrician to wire the parts and to certify the installation in order to avoid safety hazards. If you choose to proceed with a solar contractor you can negotiate a more favorable contract if you know the bottom prices for the solar panels and for the pure sine wave inverter. Joining together with your neighbors, acquaintances and colleagues enable the group to achieve better prices in buying the components and in getting a better price on installation.

Use Available Tax Credits and Grants

Energy Tax Credits and Energy Grants can pay a substantial part of the investment, making the cheap solar power a reality despite the high cost of solar energy

Solar Lease

Similar to car leasing programs, solar power system leasing models (also known as solar power purchase agreements) start to evolve. In case a solar leaser is active where you live, you don’t need to worry about raising the investment, for small up-front money you’ll enjoy a clean energy supply for the duration of the lease contract. The solar energy provider is the owner of the system and he will maintain it. You’ll be charged per your electrical consumption by your provider and he will use the feed in tariffs to sell the extra production capacity to the utility

Life cycle cost of solar systems

It is tempting to buy cheap solar power systems carrying the lowest possible upfront tag price. Do not compromise on getting an adequate warranty, look into the expected life span of the solar system and make sure the installation is safe electrically and mechanically. A residential solar system needs to work under harsh conditions for 2 decades at least, make sure you do not trade longevity and safety for "cheap solutions"

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