Solar Energy Grants and
Energy Tax Credits

Solar Energy Grants, solar tax credits and Solar Energy Loans can bridge over the gap between the high cost of Residential Solar Power Systems and the household available financial resources

Renewable Energy Grants

A grant by definition is "give away (a right, property or money) formally or legally". Usually, there are legal conditions coupled to grants. Grants for Renewable Energy projects are mostly to non residential projects in the commercial, industrial, educational, and government sectors. A lion share of grants is going to utilities with the aim to accelerate the building of new renewable energy Power Plants. Residential projects enjoy a variety of grants (and tax credits) provided by the federal government, by states, by utilities and by local communities. Usually, grants for residential projects are in the form of tax credits and energy tax rebates rather than an upfront financial funding. So, even if at certain states (e.g. California) the federal, state and utility can reach 50% of the investment, there is still the gap between the time of the investment and the time when the energy tax credits are claimed. Subsidized Solar Loans can help to finance the residential projects.

Types of Alternate Energy Investments

Aiming to encourage the shift toward using environmental friendly energy the following are the major types of residential projects are entitled to grants or tax credits

USA useful links

A very good link is DSIRE. It is a Data Base that provides easy to use information on clean energy and home energy efficiency incentives. You can find information relevant to where you live and relevant to the type of investment you plan. click here to access the USA DSIRE Data Base

UK Solar Energy Incentives

The Energy Saving Trust launched a new 3 years program to encourage household as well as commercial entities to reduce their carbon footprint through investment in clean energy power generation such has home wind power, micro hydro power generation and solar power generation , and home energy efficiency improvements.

Solar energy grants can offset the impact of the Solar Energy Cost

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