Install Solar Air Heat
to Shrink Heating Expenses

Solar air heat is a very cost effective way to warm up a room. Solar thermal collectors use either liquid (water or glycol) or air. Sun driven air heating is done either by solar air panels or by Transpired Air Collectors.

Air Heating Advantages

All types of sun driven air heating devices share the following advantages:

  • They shrink the heating bills
  • They reduce the room humidity
  • They flow external fresh air into the room
  • With proper filtering, they improve air quality by reducing the amount of dust and other micro-particles

Transpired Air Collectors

Transpired air collectors are constructed of dark, punched-micro-holes thin metal plates mounted on the South facing wall, creating an air space between the original South wall and the added thin metal plate. Even though the outdoor air is cold, the dark outer facade absorbs sun radiation and warm up the air space

A ventilator sucks in the outside air into the air space through the micro-holes and into the building. The collector can raise the air temperature by 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 22 degrees C). Not like the solar air collector, no glass surface is used

Solar Room Heating

solar air heat is one way to heat a room. Another way using hot water is to install a solar radiant floor system

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