Solar Radiant Floor Heating
Floor Solar Hydronic Heating

A solar radiant floor system is obtained by modifying an existing radiant floor heating system. With a relatively low investment a solar radiant heat hydronics system can save money on space heating and provide abundant hot water supply as a byproduct

How does a Solar Powered Radiant Floor Heating work?

A traditional radiant floor heating system contains a water heating element operated on electricity or fossil fuel, a storage tank and a loop of water pipes that run under the floor. A thermostat kicks in the heating element when the water temperature drops below a predefined threshold and kicks it out when the water temperatures reach a predefined maximum.

The idea is to pre-heat the water using a solar thermal collector. It is recommended to add a solar hot water storage tank so heat can be stored during daylight to be used over night. In essence we added a complete solar thermal hot water system that can also supply the household hot water needs

Another Solar Hydronic Heating Method

Some homes use water radiators on the walls, some homes use a combination of radiant floor and radiators. Adding the solar hydronics heating system, collector and tank applies to wall radiators systems as well

Cost and Savings

You can estimate your energy expenses by monitoring the energy consumption of the existing system. You need to add a electricity monitor on the water boiler or look into the fossil fuel bills. The gross cost of the solar add-on to existing hydronic heating systems would be in the $2,000-$5,000 range, generous energy tax credits are available

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