Solar Window Shades
Reduce Heat Gain and Glare

Solar window shades allow you to enjoy your view, not interrupted by glare and dazzling light, and to be protected from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. They can reduce the cooling expenses considerably.

Solar Shades, Solar Window Screens and Solar Windows

Similar names might lead to confusion; therefore I want to clarify the terms mentioned above and terms that can be found elsewhere.

  • solar windows are windows that can actively generate electrical power just like solar electric panels do (in essence solar windows embed photovoltaic thin film cells in their fabric)
  • solar window screens (exterior sun shades) are installed on the external side of the window and passively reduce glare, UV radiation and protect from dust, pollen and insects. Solar window screens are useful in sunny and warm regions and can reduce the air-conditioning bills
  • solar window shades are passive energy savers on the internal side of the window, although less effective in preventing sun radiation heat build-up in comparison to the solar window screens, they are excellent in glare reduction and UV radiation protection; not like the external screens, it is easier to slide the shades or roll them on darker days for letting more light in

Materials and Features of Solar Shades

Solar shades are made from special fabrics and provide the following features:

  • Rejection of Sun radiation energy (up to 80%) that otherwise would unnecessarily heat up your home
  • Elimination of UV radiation (more than 90%) to protect your family as well as your furniture
  • Reduce dazzling glare; glare interrupts TV watching and viewing computer displays
  • Provide more day time privacy; eliminate the possibility for street walkers to peer inside your home
  • You still can view uninterruptedly and clearly the outside view
  • There is a variety of solar shades to select from; they all provide the benefits described above. They might slide sideways or rolled upward and they differ in style. Obviously, not all solar shades cost the same

Advantages of Solar Shades

Direct sunlight can play havoc with furniture, wall paintings, carpets and area rugs. Solar sun shades can effectively protect your furniture, floor rugs and carpets from the continuous hammering and pounding effects of sun radiation. Some plants, such as orchids, are sensitive to direct sun rays; Window shades can provide these plants a better environment to flourish in.

Solar shades can effectively reduce the temperature build up in the room by acting like larger scale polarized sunglasses. You will see the results in your cooling bills
Not like solar windows films, solar window shades allows the option to open the glass window, letting the breeze in while still providing the above mentioned benefits.


The main disadvantage of solar shades is that pockets of heat can be generated between the shade and the window, heat that can leak from that pocket to the room and might in extreme cases damage the sealing or even the glass itself.

More Windows Shades Tips

There is a tradeoff between sun radiation protection, privacy and visibility. The higher the sun radiation protection (and consequently privacy) the less is the visibility looking from the inside outward.

If you want to vivify the appearance of the shades, solar shades with a variety of patterns are available.

Solar window shades can be custom made to fit any non standard window frame size. Obviously, shades that were made for standard size windows are cheaper in price.

Overall, there are not many products that give so many advantages for the small amount of money they cost as the solar shades do.

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