Wind Power Facts
Wind Energy Facts you wanted to know

Wind power facts are fascinating. Ancient civilizations harnessed the wind to sail boats and ships and have built windmills to grind grain. In modern time, with the advent of electrical power, utility scale wind turbines farms, community size medium scale wind turbines and home size small wind turbines are used to generate clean renewable electrical power at affordable prices.

Economical Related Wind Energy Facts

  • New utility scale wind turbines contribute directly to the economical growth through the Capital Expenses (CAPEX) on planning, construction and the manufacturing of the wind turbines. It is estimated that one new wind turbine with a production capacity of 1 Megawatt injects 1 million $ to the economy.
  • Through leasing land fees and direct pay for each KWh produced by the wind turbine the farmer can enjoy an extra income from his land. After the construction of the wind turbines, a 200 acres farm (0.8 square kilometers) can expect a steady inflow of more than $10,000 annually while taking away only 1% of the land that produces crops. Sub-urban communities can own their own community size wind turbines.
  • Wind power is a tremendous new jobs generator through manufacturing facilities and on site jobs so needed in rural and semi arid regions
  • With the cost reduction process evident in wind turbine technology and the prices of fossils going up, increasing production of wind turbines power will eventually bring electricity prices down
  • Home owners, especially those who live off grid can install their own home wind energy turbine while enjoying a generous clean energy tax credit
  • Clean energy such as wind reduce air pollution and reduces the number of air pollution related diseases, eventually reducing the cost of health care

Environmental Wind Power Facts

  • Almost any region worldwide has areas suitable for wind power generation
  • Wind generation can be done closer to the consumer and eliminate the need for super high voltage power lines and their adverse effect on the environment
  • Many countries realized the potential of wind and it is probably the fastest growing segment of electrical power generations; China, USA, Mexico, Germany and Spain are the biggest players in this segment
  • Wind turbines founded on sea floor are starting to become a reality

Home Wind Power Facts

Here are some home wind turbine facts that are relevant to homeowners who consider buying, installing and maintaining a residential wind turbine.

Facts related to the site

  • A meaningful size wind turbine, namely a 5 kW to 15 kW wind power turbine need clearance of 250 feet (75 meters) around it to avoid turbulence.

  • The land size on which the wind turbine is located should be at least one acre (4,000 square meters)

  • The height of the wind turbine tower is at least 85 (26 meters) feet and for larger turbines it can raise to 120 feet (36 meters)

  • A reliable wind velocity of 10 mph ( 16 km/h) is the acceptable minimum for economical operation. Wind conditions assessment is a must before any decision is made

  • The wind turbine must comply with all local zoning regulations, get the necessary permissions and meet all safety regulations.

Home Wind Power Facts related to economical aspects

  • A turnkey home wind turbine, installed and wired to the electrical load may cost $22,000 to $45,000.

  • Remote from the grid homes are charged by utilities $15,000 to $50,000 per mile to be connected. For these homes and ranches staying off grid and generate their own electrical power is an obvious option

  • For off grid homes that meet the minimum requirements (land size, 250 feet clearance, 10mph wind velocity) a wind power turbine is the number one choice, however a backup generator must be added, such as a solar power system, a diesel generator or both

  • The annual maintenance cost of a wind turbine amounts to around 2.5% of the initial cost. Wind turbines insurance plans are available and recommended

  • A major refurbishing is required after ten years of operation, it might cost around 15% of the original cost. In this overhaul the major mechanical parts (blades, gearbox, and bearings) are to be replaced.

  • The life expectancy of the wind power turbine can exceed 20 years with good maintenance
  • Until tax year 2016, all equipment cost and installation expenses are eligible to 30% Federal Energy Tax Credits, with no upper limit

  • electric companies are obliged by federal law to allow small wind power systems to be connected to the grid and they must buy the surplus electricity production at feed in tariffs
  • Home Wind Power Facts Bottom Line

    A careful planning ahead is required before a decision about buying and installing a home wind turbine is taken. A homeowner must check the physical conditions of his site and run the financial calculation.

    If you have at least 1 acre (4,000 square meters) of land, from all wind power facts the one you can take home is to have your own mini wind turbine

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