Energy Saving Tips for Home
Additional Energy Conservation Tips

How to achieve a energy efficient home? View more energy saving tips for home and more home energy conservation tips.

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation means reducing the level of energy used; an example is to turn down the water heater thermostat setting.

Energy efficiency means to use less energy to achieve the same result; an example is replacing an inefficient appliance with a more efficient Energy Star labeled appliance

Doing both will result in a more energy efficient home and in the reduction of the monthly energy bills

Fast lane free of charge Home Energy Saving Tips

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  • Increase the thermal mass of your refrigerator – fill it up with food; when you open the doors, it won’t warm up and it will stay cool
  • Use a full load dish washer and open its door before it starts the drying phase; let the dishes air-dry, the drying phase is very energy hungry
  • Use your microwave oven as much as you can; microwave ovens consume less energy than a cooking stove. With a small expense, you can buy and use a solar oven for cooking
  • During summer time set up the thermostat at 75 degrees F (24 degrees C), use ceiling vents, and with a small expense you can install a solar attic vent
  • During winter time set up the thermostat at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C), you will feel comfortable and save some bucks.

Modest Budget Home Energy Improvements

The following are affordable improvements that will be paid back in few months

  • Find where your home is leaky through the doors, windows, attics and cellars and fix those leaks; call for a home energy audit if you feel it is necessary
  • Install and use solar window screens and solar window shades
  • Replace or clean the air conditioner air filters, clean the washing machine and the dish washer water filters, clean the furnaces air filters.

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